Davide La Sala is a visual effects artist for feature animation and live action visual effect movies . He takes care of character rigging in a professional way since 2005. This task consists in preparing the animation system for CG characters.

Davide has cultivated the passion for this job crossing between technique and art since the tender age of fifteen years old(1995). Thinking to undertake the right studies he has been dedicated to electronics and robots and he has cultivated the possibility to attend one rarest school in his country, the special effects and animatronics school of master Carlo Rambaldi (the E.T. Father) but in those years the computer graphics was taking place instead of the animatronics animation so he decided to jump in the three-dimensional world.

The arrival of the home computers and 3D graphics at low cost turn Davide decidedly towards a course of personal formation and from self-taught ,in spite of has continued to grow the passion and hobby for the robotics and the electronics.

In 1998, eighteen years old, Davide is passed not only to the adult maturity but also under his belt study of modeling techniques and 3D animation.

The native passion has been transformed, a beautiful day, in a profession and Davide finally lands in the professional world of the CG at Blisscomedia (www.blisscomedia.com) , a very small company in Turin(Italy), he worked on  music video clip, industrial video and commercial . A classic garage was the starting point where many of today’s big company have taken life.

In this context that Davide sees to crown its efforts of first international big achievement, “Blue” of the band Eiffel65 was the first Italian video clip, worldwide famous, being realized with techniques of computer-generated character animation.
Davide acquires techniques of animation and rigging and he has been integrated into the workflow of one professional production. MTV has contributed to the notoriety of this Davide’s job making to incessantly pass all the hours on TV.

Five long years of professional workings and evolutions of techniques and instruments (he also started using Maya) they have then carried Davide to land near other truths: at Just Eleven company in Rome (www.j11.it) he has had way to work to the well-known in Italy and Europe “Omino Bianco” commercial, rich of animated characters.

Consolidating of his experience sees Davide approach formation and spreading. In fact, he will teach techniques of digital character for animation, “Maya 101″ character rigging course at Academy of Arts in Venice . Also the “Maya Rigging & Dynamics, Finding Nemo Tribute rigging seminary” at Webbit 2004 in Padova , will see instead like speaker on thematic that he beloveds.

After these experiences, Davide lands to the Lumiq Studios (www.lumiq.com), one of the most important truths in the field of the television and cinema post-production in the north of Italy. In this pool of creative artists he has collaborated to the realization of various commercial, he worked also for making special effects for the cinema (Renzo Martinelli “Stone Merchant” ,Roberto Faenza ”I Giorni dell’abbandono”) and production of cg animated cartoon “Le Notissime” for Kinder Ferrero.

In those years he has had the possibility to collaborate with Guido Manuli (one of the most important Italian animator in the country) for the making of “HU-MAN” teaser.

In the 2005 Davide had a big chance to go between the lines of Framestore(London,UK) (www.framestore.com), a pillar of the production of digital visual effects in Europe . He has worked for “Underdog”, a Disney movie and the first Framestore’s feature animation film “The Tale of Despereaux” for Universal.

The career of Davide kept going up in 2008 by becoming part of the all-stars character TD team in Dreamworks Animation (Los Angeles,USA)(www.dreamworksanimation.com) where he worked on :

– Me and My Shadow (Cancelled)
– Turbo (2013)
– The Croods (2013)
– Rise of The Guardians (2012)
– Puss in Boots (The Three Diablos) (2012)
– Monsters vs Aliens:Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space (TV Special) (2009)

After 5 fabulous years in California, he decided to come back to Europe and join The Moving Picture Company in London, one of the leader VFX company in the world.
Few months of ramp up with the company pipeline and infrastructure he became a Lead Character TD. Since then he managed people for many movie projects such as :

– Cinderella (2015)
– Fantastic Four (2015)
– Ghostbusters (2016)

He also contributes to the making of these other movies :

– X-Men : Apocalypse (2016)
– Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (2014)
– Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)
– Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice (2016)
– The Revenant (2015)
– Maleficent (2014)
– The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)
– 300 : Rise of an Empire (2014)
– The Lone Ranger (2013)

After many years in the movies business, He landed at Oculus London working on Oculus Room and Oculus Avatars.

He joined then the Facebook Camera team working on AR Studio, 3D Facial Tracking technology, and first-party effect content creation.


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