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  1. Blake Radcliffe
    June 17, 2017

    Dear Mr. La Sala,

    My name is Blake Radcliffe, and I am writing this message to you because I found out that you were one of the animators of Eiffel 65’s Blue Da Ba Dee music video. I am a huge fan of Eiffel 65, and I have read/already know the following information from an interview in 2012:

    • About 5 people worked on the video.
    • You had very little resources to study from, and there was almost no internet.
    • If I’m correct, the music video was filmed and animated between November 1998 at the very earliest and February 1999 at the very latest.

    However, there are a couple of queries that I had in mind that weren’t answered in that particular interview, and I was wandering if you could answer them for me.

    1. What computer programs were used in the making of Eiffel 65’s music videos back in the day, particularly Blue? In detail, the programs used for character modelling, video editing, green screen editing, background modelling, rendering, etc.?
    2. Was there originally an idea to make a sequel to the Move Your Body music video?
    3. How would you feel if in the Move Your Body music video, Jeffrey Jey shot lasers out of his bald head?
    4. When was the music video for I Wanna Be by Zorotl animated?
    5. Finally, how do you feel about the video for Blue nearly turning 20?

    Thank you for reading this message, keep up your good work!



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